A prayer for HPUMC as we seek to move Beyond our Walls

BY: Jenny Misslin

Each week of the Beyond Campaign we will have an opportunity to pray together. By taking time to pause in our homes, our small groups, and our classes we hope that each person at HPUMC will reflect on how they are a part of the Holy work of God through this congregation.
This week as we focus on moving beyond our walls we pause to reflect on these words inspired by a prayer of Teresa of Avilla.

Christ has no body now but ours.

 He prays in us.

He works in us.

He looks through our eyes.

He speaks through our words.

He works through our hands.

He walks with our feet.

And He loves with our hearts.

Help us be a people whose focus is on love. Help us see others through the eyes of Christ. Help us care for those whom society deems unimportant. Grant us the ability to love our neighbor as ourselves. Guide us as we seek to see all people as children of God. We ask that HPUMC will be a light to those in darkness, that we will be a flame that keeps the cold warm, and that we will be a place that pours out blessings onto those in our community and in our world.



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Beyond Our Walls

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